Coastal Gourmet Catering Website

  • Coastal Gourmet Catering : Show and tell with modern web design and functionality. Catering and event planning is all about presentation. We wanted to create a website that presented Coastal Gourmet Catering’s work as perfectly as they plan special occasions. To accomplish this goal, we designed a visually impactful site that showcases high quality photography with non-traditional page-to-page navigation. With a long scrolling site such as Coastal Gourmet’s, users don’t have to wait for a page to load; they’re free to scroll through the site to locate the content they’re looking for, or simply click on the navigation to jump to a particular section. We designed this site to scroll dynamically, both vertically and horizontally, as the photo gallery and Team page function with a horizontal scroll. The result is a website that sets Coastal Gourmet apart from their competitors and positions them as a caterer with an interesting, modern aesthetic. Because presentation, as they say, really is everything.
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