Mensch on a Bench

  • Product Marketing & Content Management : Move over Elf on the Shelf, there’s another holiday toy in town. Meet Moshe, The Mensch On A Bench, a new Hanukkah toy and book meant to bring families together. We partnered with Moshe’s creator to grow a community of followers through email and social media marketing. As Moshe rose in popularity, he began making appearances on major television shows such as The Today Show and Shark Tank. We realized that this was causing fans to flock to Moshe’s social media channels, and decided to take that as an opportunity to engage them further. As Moshe’s Shark Tank episode aired, we live tweeted Moshe’s reactions to each part of the episode and responded to those tweeting at him. We were able to create a dialogue with all fans, both old and new. Moving forward, we knew that we wanted to keep fans excited about The Mensch On A Bench brand. Through funny memes, interactive graphics, and timely emails, we were able to continuously keep Moshe top of mind for all consumers, whether or not it’s Hanukkah season.