A Holiday Gift Guide for the Creative in Your Life

Tired of being outshone by the wonderfully creative gifts you receive from, well, creatives? Read on, this blog has you covered from the funny, to the practical, to the absolutely perfect with 16 gift ideas for your friends and family in advertising.

For Copywriters

The ultimate gag gift


Writer’s Block, literally | $15

While normally you’d never want to give a copywriter writer’s block, this is an exception. Every writer knows the maddening agony of writer’s block, and, every writer loves a good pun. It’s a win-win.


The best idea for Secret Santa


Aqua Notes | $7

How often do our best ideas come in the shower? Help your favorite copywriter keep track of theirs with this waterproof pad and pencil. Cleanliness is next to brilliance!


Stocking-stuffers for the copywriter who knows everything


Grammar Pencils | $9.54

If you’ve received any of the following texts from a copywriter: [ You’re* ], [ They’re* ], [ too* ], [ their* ], you’ve come to the right pencils. Any grammar-obsessed copywriter will likely be brought to tears of joy upon receiving such a thoughtful and knowing gift.



Band-Aid Sticky Notes | $6.90

For the copywriter always fixing everyone’s mistakes. I think you know where we’re going with this…



Page-a-day Vocabulary Calendar | $13.21

One of the greatest tools a copywriter can have is an arsenal of kick-ass words in their lexicon. So give the gift of knowledge, and if nothing else, this will serve as a helpful reminder of what day it is.




Feather Pen | $45

While a copywriter’s work is primarily done with a keyboard, there’s just something about writers and feather pens. It’s as classic as PB&J.


For Art Directors/Designers

Simply made for you


Nerdy Art Director T-shirt | $14.95

The best nerd-and-art director-in-one T-shirt in the galaxy. You know who this for.



A “Designer” Mug | $16.88

You know that person who scoffs at typefaces on take-out menus and points out the use of Comic Sans with utter contempt? Yup, this is for them.


Show ‘em you know ‘em


Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman | $24.95

You may not understand, but this gift is a sure sign you care.


Perfect by design


Rose Gold Crystal Flash Drive | $19.99

Designers have a million files. Thanks to you, they can save them beautifully.



Monogrammed Mouse Pad | $19

Designers work with their mouse all day long. Help them glide in style.


For the Every-tiser

Anyone in advertising can appreciate these gifts.


Sound Canceling Headphones | $229.99

For the creative you really care about, help them break away from the noise with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. The cone of silence you got them last year just isn’t getting the job done.



Really Accurate Notebook | $9.95

Agency life is full of endless to-do lists. Put a smile on their face with a place to write it all down.



Craft Beer Club | $39.99

The creatives in your life have a stressful job. They could sure use a beer, or a monthly shipment just to be thorough.



Super Specific Ribbon | $3.50

Trust us, that creative in your life deserves this ribbon.



Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps | $9.95

The perfect tool for any Creative Director. Approving or rejecting work is now as easy as checking Facebook!



1059 Creative, November 28, 2016